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From: Justin Miller
Subject: Dudes of 13years kids porno Our LivesDudes of our Lives
By Justin Miller (justinmiller36hotmail.comThis is fiction, merely the spawn of my imagination. I'm sure that these
words don't represent any real reflection of the true thoughts and actions
of the fictional residents of the fictional town of Salem USA. Although I
certainly wish that they did."Days Of Our Lives" and it's characters are trademarks of 15 years teens naked and copyright
Corday Productions Inc., in association with Columbia Pictures Television.This story is a work of fiction based on characters from the aforementioned
NBC soap opera. It is not meant to imply the true sexual behavior of the
actors playing these characters, or the characters themselves.If you're not interested in reading stories about men gettin' jiggy with
other guys, I'd suggest trying another website!Chapter One: Looking for a playmateLucas Roberts was freakin' bored! Sure, life in Salem was better than being
in a coma, but not by much. He was sitting on a bench at Salem Place,
counting the days (weeks, months, years) since he'd gotten any
action. Geez, not since marrying that uber-cunt Nicole Walker. That had
been a bad move. Before that, he'd slept with Sami Brady, which makes him
0 for 2 in the successful relationship department. That meant that he was
spending a lot of time pounding his pud. He snuck his hand down his
conveniently loose khakis and adjusted his dick--it seemed that it was
always hard nowadays. There was already some pre-cum leaking from his
cock-he needed some relief and soon.Ever since coming out of the coma, he had been working hard to regain some
muscle tone. Never a beefy boy, Lucas was proud of the progress that he had
made. His pecs were firm again, and his shoulders were broader than they
had ever been. It hadn't taken much work to get some definition in his
abs, and his butt was rock-solid. "Damn, I'm a fine piece of man," he
though to himself. "I should be in prime demand in this town. Why am I
sitting here alone?"He needed a change in scenery, so he strolled over to the Java Cafe. Maybe
some cyber chatting would get him some action. Some man-action. He had
closely guarded his #1 secret over the years, always putting up pretenses
of straightness. He even had a son, which further proved his
masculinity. But what he really wanted was a strong, devastatingly handsome
man to love him, and make love to him. But he know that his world would
flip upside down if he ever got "outed". Sami would take Will away from him
and his mother would never feel the same way teenager 15 years fucking about her "favorite son"
again. No, better to keep up his unofficial acting career and keep his
urges away from the public.He settled in front of a terminal with a mocha and logged onto for some chatting. He selected his screen name for this
session, "FarmBoy69", so tgp 15 years x
that he could pretend that he was a much simpler
person, not burdened with all the trappings of money and status. He could
be a strapping young musclestud 7 year old kids
who like to bale hay by day and fuck guys
in the loft by tgp 15 years x
night. He licked his lips and scrolled through the screen to
see who else was there. Aaah, RichKid69 was there (doesn't anyone else use
a number besides 69?) He had had many hot sessions online with this guy
back at Victor's mansion. He wasn't going to be able to pull his pud out
here, but he would at least see what happened here.In the coffeehouse walked in Shawn Brady and Belle Black, making googly
eyes at each other. Lucas couldn't help but stare at the young teen's taut
body. Shawn had on one of his many white wifebeaters, showing off his
growing biceps and perky nipples. "Damn, he's fine", Lucas said, under his
breath. Shawn was heading his way, and Lucas was paralyzed by the sight of
the dark haired stud. Suddenly panic-stricken, Lucas quickly logged onto
the Wall Street Journal site and pretended to be pouring over his stock
quotes as Shawn approached him."Hey there, Lucas", Shawn said, pausing briefly as Belle walked towards the
restroom. "How ya' doing" "I'm okay, I guess. Stocks are on the rise again"
(So's my cock, he thought) "That's good news for you, I suppose. Hey I
gotta run. Catch you later"Lucas watched Shawn walk away, scouting out a table across the room. He
stared intently at the teen's denim-clad ass. Each cheek rose and fell
like the tide. Lucas closed his eyes and imagined rubbing his hands up and
down Shawn's hairless butt. "Man, if could just be Belle for a day, that
little butt would be all mine", he muttered to himself.He hit the Back button and saw that RichKid69 had moved onto to talking to
someone else. He sent him a message: "Kid--you up for anything" "Is that
you, Farmy" "Yep, been thinking about you all week" "Is that so?" "Yeah-I
wanna to get that 12 to 15years teennude
fat dick on my lips" "So good--gimme more" "Ooh, licking
all over the big old head, now down the shaft, up and down" "Rub my balls"
"I'm on it--they're so big and hairy" "Tweek my nipples, dude" "I'm moving
up your hard abs and up to your pink nipples. Biting one and squeezing the
other. Mmmm"Lucas slid a hand down into his crotch and gazed over towards Shawn. Belle
still wasn't there, but Shawn had his hands behind his head, showing off
his powerful arms and hairy pits. Lucas gave his cock a squeeze and turned
back to the screen. He was an expert at one-handed typing."Man, Farmy, I gotta get my rocks off for real. This cybershit is just too
slow" "Sorry, there's this hottie kid here that's making me way horny."
"It's alright, but I gotta get some head soon. Do you want to meet?" "I
dunno--where would we go? I can't get caught." "I know this great place,
down by the wharf." "Well, I'm really horny too, and this kid here's
straight, so I guess we could meet."Lucas logged off after getting the directions. He knew that part of the
wharf was very secluded, so he didn't think that they'd be disturbed. When
he got there, he didn't see anyone else. He ducked behind a pallet and
waited.A tall, blond in a ball cap and dark sunglasses turned the corner. He had a
leather jacket with no shirt on. It was dark and the newcomber's face was
in the shadows. But Lucas liked what he saw. There were 2 well defined pecs
framed by the open jacket, and his rippled abs glistened in 11 year old kid the moonlight."Farmy--ya' here?", the stranger whispered.Lucas stepped out into the alleyway and approached the hunk. He gasped. 15 years porn lollita It
was Brady Black.Brady whipped off his shades. "Roberts--what the....are you nimphets 14 years FarmBoy." "No,
I..I..I dunno what..who you're talking about", Lucas stuttered. "You do
so, you little cocktease. I've seen you looking at me before, like the
other day at the gym. You want me-you want me bad!" "What I teens 12 years gratis want you to do
is suck my cock, Brady" said Lucas, trying to sound tough. He started to
unzip his zipper. "Fuck that, queer boy. You're going to be eating my load
like a good little cocksucker", Brady sneered.Lucas backed away, but Brady reached out with his powerful arms and grabbed
the smaller boy. He pushed Lucas down to his knees and put his hands firmly
on Lucas' head."Go ahead-pull it out"Lucas thought about putting up a fight, but the lure of getting his lips on
Brady's hot rod was too much to pass up. He rubbed the palm of his hand
over Brady's engorged crotch and felt the nude girl 15 years
missile 13years kids porno awaiting him. He tugged
at Brady's button fly jeans and slid them downward. Out popped Brady's
boner, a fat, veiny 9" schlong with a pair of hairy obs hanging low. Lucas
let out a low moan."Geez-you've got a big Ten year old girl one" "Go on-jack it a bit"Lucas wrapped his hand around the cut shaft and started running his hand up
and down the satiny shaft. Brady thrusted in rhythm to Lucas' handjob. With
his free hand, Lucas reached up and felt under's Brady's jacket. Brady's
chest was firm and hairless, except for some scattered hair around his
sharp nipples. Lucas licked his forefinger and started rubbing Brady's
man-tits. Brady quivered with excitement. Lucas pulled down on Brady's
rockhard dick and let it slap back against his washboard stomach."Now, get that hot little mouth on my pole" said Brady. "I thought you'd
never ask." "Less talk, more spit" laughed Brady, thrusting his hips into
Lucas' palms. A dribble of pre-cum oozed out of Brady's fat cockhead.Lucas licked his lips and started sucking gently on the hot blond's
cockhead. Brady had other ideas and thrusted his prick hard into Lucas'
mouth. The shaft slid down his throat, scaping against Lucas' teeth."Son of a bitch-watch your goddamned teeth, boy", Brady sneered. "Sorry,"
Lucas mumbled, mouth full of man-meat.Again, Brady thrust his prick down Lucas' throat, this time stopping only
when his pubes were up against Lucas' chin. Lucas momentarily gagged, then
started backing off the huge dick, twirling his tongue along the
underside. He stopped halfway up and started back down. The musky smell of
Brady's crotch was intoxicating to Lucas and he inhaled deeply through his
nose. He began bob up and down on the stiff pole hardcore 14 years while Brady kept his hands
on the back of Lucas' head, guiding his movements."God, you've got a vacuum for a mouth, Roberts. You do this often?"Lucas pulled off the thick stalk. "No, just for you stud." He began
nibbling on the tender cockhead."Take it all, fagboy". Brady slammed Lucas' throat with all 9" of cock. He
held the kneeling boy's head down and started grinding his pubes into
Lucas' face. Lucas gasped for air, then kept on sucking. He savored the
salty flavor of the stud's monster prong. With his other hand, he grabbed
Brady's hairy nutsack and rolled them in his palm.Weeks of frustration with Chloe was pent up in Brady, and 7 year old kids the hot action
that Lucas was working on his crotch was more than he could take. His
asscheeks tightened as his orgasm shot through his shaft and out the head."Aaaah...I'm gonna spooge, dude," cried Brady. "Whaaa..." Lucas mumbled as
he tried to back off the exploding prick, but it was too late. A volley of
cum shot down to Lucas' tonsils. A second stream 13years kids porno erupted out of Brady's
huge member and covered Lucas' nostrils and upper lip with a shiny layer of
man-cream."Man, I'm spent. You really suck a mean cock, Roberts." "Now, it's my
turn, Black. Wanna taste some of this?" Lucas pointed to the bulge in his
khakis.Brady stood and and tucked his sticky cock back into his jeans. "Sorry,
dude. I'm not into that fag stuff. I ain't blowin' no guy. I'm outa
here. Later, fairy." He turned around and disappeared around the corner.Lucas wiped the cum off his face onto his shirt sleeve and sat down on the
ground, putting his head in his hands. He thought that Brady was going to
return the favor. He had fleeting, yet grand, hopes of Brady being the one,
the great love of his life. Turns out that Brady just wanted to use him."Why doesn't anyone want me?" 16 years sex fuck
Lucas muttered softly.To be continued...If you like what you read, let me know. If there's interest, I've got quite
a journey planned for Mr. Roberts.
You can e-mail me at

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